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SmartStripping® is an innovative and environmentally sustainable remediation technology. It has been considered of interest by the European Commission EACI, under the initiative Eco-innovation and it has been already tested in Italy in contaminated sites of national interest.Logo_ecoInnovation_rev2

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Know how and project information

The available documents at the page to DOWNLOAD contain information on the SmartStripping® remediation technique including performed experiments, results of ongoing projects, publications in journals, conferences and workshops. Additional information or specific questions are welcome at contact us.

How to remediate with low environmental impacts?

remediation…1 SmartStripping bonifica la falda
from VOC and VOCs……2 da VOC e SVOC
water discharge…
emissions…4 ...senza emissioni in aria
with minimal
permissions…5 …con minime autorizzazioni
and maximum
effectiveness.6 e massima efficacia

SmartStripping® acts effectively on the following compounds: